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  • Petite Feature Fruit Club

Petite Feature Fruit Club


We get it…you're busy. At the NAKED Fruit Company we have a mantra that says “Do what you do “and we will do what we do. And what we do is make your life easier by putting premium in-season fruit at your doorstep. Our feature fruit of the month makes an outstanding investment into yourself and your health and also makes a fantastic gift! After all, what other gift comes every month all year long reminding the gift recipient of your investment in them?

Shipments contents may include: { Shipments Start December }

    December-Red Pear-12ct (Average weight 6 pounds)

    January-Clementines (Average weight 8 pounds)

    February-Pink Lady Apples-12ct (Average weight 6 pounds)

    March-Navel Oranges-12ct (Average weight 6 pounds)

    April-Pineapple-2ct (Average weight 7 pounds)

    May-Strawberries- (Average Weight 3 pounds)

    June-Mini Melons-2ct

    July-Red Cherries-(Average Weight 3 pounds)

    August-Yellow Peaches and or Necterines-12 ct

    September-Red Delicious Apples-12ct (Average Weight 6 pounds)

    October-Holiday Seedless Grapes- (Average 3 pounds)

    November-Honey Crisp Apples-12ct (Average weight 6 pounds)