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Fruitoramma  is introducing a new, healthy alternative in raising money for your organization.  It is no secret that obesity has tripled over the last 30 years among our students in America, and according to the CDC in 2008; more than one-third of our children are overweight or obese. It has been great to see the schools fight back in removing unhealthy options in favor of healthy ones. The government has also stepped in and taken a strong stand with their Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program to help elementary schools out in providing healthy snacks to our students. We would like to extend this lifestyle change even further by offering your school a healthy alternative for raising money. Our alternative solution backs the mindset of your school in helping get our children and our communities to live healthier lives by offering more nutritional options.

Across the nation, school budgets, funding, and business donations which previously supported group financial needs are being cut on a daily basis. Our value, premium quality, practicality, & customer service allow these groups to continue to meet their goals in a short turnaround time.

We work closely with, and get to know the fundraising coordinators & their group’s needs to recommend a customized plan and approach for maximum results through a balanced variety of fund raising options. For more informations please contact info@fruitoramma.com.