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Is all of your fruit organic?

No, we have an organic line just for those looking to skip out on potential pesticides by traditionally grown methods but all of our fruit is not organic unless stated. All fruit however, should be washed before consumption as it has been proven to lower individuals intakes of pesticides.

Is the information I provide kept private?

All your information will be kept private between all parties of the NAKED Fruit Company and will not be sold to any third parties.

Is your site secure?

We believe in your security and have taken the utmost measures to secure our site

Why did I receive a different product than what I ordered?  What is the substitution policy?

Sometimes given certain circumstances items may become out of stock in which case we will substitute an item of equal or greater value in place.  We take every means possible to notify you ahead of time so you are not caught off guard.

Can I cancel an order?
If your order has not shipped, we will be happy to cancel it. To do so, please contact our customer service department immediately at 1.855.51.FRUIT.

Can I ship to a PO Box?

We prefer shipping to addresses but will ship to a PO Box if you prefer.

How can I speed up or slow down the ripening process?

Temperature plays a large role in the ripening process and leaving fruit out at room temperature will speed up the process while refrigerating the fruit will slow down the process. 

What are your hours of operation?

Phones are open from 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.