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  • Holiday Apple Suitcase

Holiday Apple Suitcase

The perfect mix of Classic apples for a delightful and colorful gift that everyone will love!

Red Delcious-The number one selling apple in the world that’s name says it all. If you like an apple that has a mild, sweet flavor and is available year round then the Red Delicious Apple is for you

Golden Delicious Apples: How about a great tasting apple available all year round with great versatility including the ability to be used for desserts or cooking along with eating fresh? Try out the Golden Delicious today!


Granny Smith Apples: No other apple on the market is as easily recognized as the Granny Smith. This apple’s crisp, sharp taste, combined with great versatility and keeping qualities quickly turned this apple into a global staple where it remains today.


Shipments include:

              12 pack-12 Apples (Average weight 6 pounds)


TOTAL: $30.00